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 Breed description

    A young male British Shorthair golden point  beginning to show              the sapphire eyes typical of british colorpoint cats with 'white' fur.

The photo shows British Shorthairs have dense, plush coats that are often described as crisp or cracking, referring to the way the coat breaks over the contours of the cat's body. Their eyes are large, round and widely set and can be a variety of colours, though the copper or gold eyes of the British blue are the best known. Their heads are round with full, chubby cheeks and their bodies are large and muscular. The breed has a broad chest and shoulders, short legs, round paws and a plush tail with a blunt tip, the tail commonly has dark rings around it at the near bottom.

The males of this breed are larger than the females, and the size difference between them is more easily noticed compared to other breeds. The males' average weight is 5-10 kilograms, whereas a female weighs up to 5–7 kilograms. The silver shaded variety is generally much smaller with females being 2.6-3.5 kilograms and males being 4.2-5 kilograms. As with many breeds, the adult males may also develop prominent cheek jowls that distinguish them from their female counterparts.

The average weight of a British shorthair was 4.1 kg and the span 2.2 - 8.3 kg in this study.

Physical characteristics

The British Shorthair is a very muscular cat, with a "square" body shape and thick legs. British Shorthairs have large, broad heads. Their eyes stand out and tend to be large and round. Their relatively small ears with rounded tips are set far apart. They have pert snub noses and slightly rounded chins.



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