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Our favorite British cats of precious colors: golden ticked Zephirka ...

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Colors of British cats

The most popular colors of British shorthair cats are solid, then tabby and silver tabby, and their variations: spotted, stripped and marble. There’re plenty of cat’s colors: ...


British cats’ habits

British cats differ from other breeds in their particular independence. They’re often called “the cats for businessman”, because British people take the loneliness quite easy and they find something to do at that time...


Description of British breed  

Head — round with well developed cheeks, wide in cheek-bones that underline its round shape. The British cats’ neck is short and thick. Nose is short, wide and straight…


Interesting facts about cats

The cat family originate from their common ancestor who lived about 10-15 million years ago.



All domestic cats have originated evolutionarily from at least five representatives of the African wild cat sub-species which have difference in DNA. The African wild cat is still living in the Northern Africa. 



The first annalistic mention of domestic cat dates back to the second millennium B.C. in Ancient Egypt where it was engaged to secure grain warehouses and deemed a sacred animal.



The domestication of cats took place approximately 9500 years ago in the Middle East where the most ancient human civilizations arose upon sedentarization resulting from agriculture development.



The cat is one of the smartest animals and can interpret human mood and feelings.


Cat sleeps 12-14 hours per day at the average.


The cat’s sense of smell is14 times stronger than the human one.



Cats can move at the maximum speed of 30 mph (48, 28 km / h).



The cat’s body temperature is 101-102,2 °F (38-39 °C).



The cat’s nose print is unique like human finger prints.



British Shorthair Kittens


Do you want to buy a kitten but didn’t decide what breed to choose yet?




The British shorthair is one of the best representatives of the cat family. 


Why? They are real British gentlemen with their quick mind and dignity.


 Well-bred   Obedient   Smart   Playful   Funny   Independent




Buying British shorthair kittens from us means the following:


 True-bred British cat with veterinarian passport and club’s metrics

 Healthy kitten, vaccinated at a licensed veterinarian clinic

 Well-bred pet trained to litter box and scratching post

 Plenty of positive emotions due to communication with your little fluffy friend


When selling a kitten:


  we’ll give the kitten’s favorite toy in order to help him adapt faster in your house

  we’ll consult you on the care and nurture

  we’ll advise you on participation in exhibitions if necessary.


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